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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why do I need to answer the 5 questions on your sales web page in order to discuss the purchase of a PowerWorks 100 kW wind turbine?
A:  We use the information you provide to forecast the energy output (kWh) at your proposed site, and then provide the turbine price options and full economic analysis of our wind turbine for your review and consideration, which will allow you to make an informed decision on your wind turbine investment.

Q:  Why should I consider using your 100 kW wind turbine?
A:  Our wind turbines can significantly reduce your long-term power costs – typically, our wind turbines produce clean low-cost, renewable wind power at less than $0.02/kWh.  Furthermore, our wind turbines typically cost less than half the price of similar competing wind turbines, and often provide a return on investment of over 20% in many locations.  

Q:  Is your 100 kW wind turbine the right fit for me?
A:  Our 100 kW wind turbine can produce between 100,000 kWh to over 300,000 kWh per year, depending upon wind speeds – enough to power over 20 homes, an industrial complex, commercial farms, manufacturing facilities, big box stores, etc.  Since most homes use less than 10,000 kWh/yr, our 100 kW wind turbine is too large for an individual home application.  

Q:  What will be my power savings from your 100 kW wind turbines?
A:  Power savings vary by local utility power rates, location and wind speed.  For example, our wind turbine will produce 244,000 kWh per year at a location with an average wind speed of 15 mph.  Assuming a typical power rate of $0.12/kWh, your return on investment would be approximately 5.2 years (or 22% rate of return).  Your power savings over 20 years would be roughly $837,000!  

Q:  How do I sell power produced by the wind turbine to my local power company?
A:  Most states and local utilities offer a net metering program, which allows you to sell power back to the utility at your retail electric prices by reversing your electric meter.  Alternatively, under the Federal Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act of 1978, you can request a power contract from your local utility to sell power from your wind turbine.  

Q:  How much space do I need to install your 100 kW wind turbine?
A:  Ideally, you want at least 500 feet of open space around the wind turbine for sound and safety reasons.  However, you can install a wind turbine at less than 500 feet, if necessary.  

Q:  How long does it take to install your 100 kW wind turbine?
A:  It typically requires about one week to construct/install/commission our wind turbine.  We offer the services of a commissioning technician for wind turbine assembly, if needed.  

Q:  What types of permits are required for installation?
A:  Permit requirements vary by location.  Generally speaking, most locations only require a typical building permit and electrical permit.  For some locations, a conditional use or variance permit may also be required.  

Q:  What tower options do you offer?
A:  Our tower options include lattice towers at 60 ft (18.3 m) or 80 ft (24.4 m), and tube towers at 76 ft (23.2 m) or 115 ft (35 m).

Q:  How long will your 100 kW wind turbine last?
A:  Our wind turbine has a 20-design life, which is based on a long track record.  Now in operation for over 20 years, this wind turbine product line has produced over 20 billion kWh since the model's inception, which is significant because it attests to the quality of the design and the overall reliability of the product.  

Q:  What is the warranty offered with your 100 kW wind turbine?
A:  We offer an industry standard 2 year parts warranty with our 100 kW wind turbine.  For a minimal fee, we offer extended parts and labor warranties for up to 5 years.  

Q:  How often will your 100 kW wind turbine need servicing?
A:  We recommend that our 100 kW wind turbine is serviced once per year under our Preventive Maintenance plan, which typically requires 1 day, involving inspection and lubrication.  

Q:  How much wind do I need for your 100 kW wind turbine?
A:  Generally speaking, a minimum average annual wind speed of 10 mph is needed to produce a good return on investment.  Upon request, we can conduct a preliminary wind speed analysis of your site location to determine if it’s a good fit for our wind turbine.  

Q:  What happens if there are extremely high winds?
A:  Our wind turbine has been designed to withstand winds up to 125 mph, which is a category 3 hurricane.  If winds are expected to exceed 125 mph, further measures can be taken to ensure survival of the wind turbine.  

Q:  What is the price of your 100 kW wind turbine?
A:  We offer various price options from about $100,000 to $200,000 per turbine, depending upon the options selected.  You will find that our 100 kW wind turbine has the best economics in the small wind turbine market today!   

Q:  Are there any government renewable economic incentives available?
A:  There may be various renewable energy grants or loans available to help build and subsidize your wind turbine or wind farm.  Click here to get more information about incentive program opportunities.